Data Center Sites


B & S Site Development is considered the preferred vendor to the top end users, developers, and general contractors for a reason…


We self-perform 90% of the typically scope that we are contracted to deliver which results in schedule and quality control.

Also, given that our General Contractor and End User client base are largely repeat/relationship customers, we are able to continue to press forward and work through any challenges that arise. This comes from building a long term working relationship with our clients that allows us to collaborate and engage in problem solving from a partnership approach. This same benefit also applies to B&S’ manufacturer and sub-contractor partners as well.

Given our vast past performance in the data center space, B&S has a unique ability to deliver on these projects. Our field is fully comfortable working in this environment of large scale, fast moving construction with a major focus on safety. Our field is most comfortable when working in this type of scenario


Due to the nature of the large, complex and fast moving job sites, our self perform model gives us more control over safety via training, communication and empowering our people to take ownership for building a safety first culture. We also ensure that any sub-contractors that we work with follow B & S Site Development safety protocols and are make willing to make safety a primary focus on our job sites.

Our Quality

B & S Site Development is a clear market leader when it comes to large, complex pad sites. This is largely attributed to our experienced, long tenured field.

Start planning your data center site now.