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B&S Project List

Landfill Closure / Gaming Facility, 153 Key Hotel, 7 level Parking Garage Project, Dumfries, VA – Prince William County 

  • Project is a combination of the cap and closure of an existing, very large landfill combined with the new construction of a gaming facility, 153 key hotel and 7 level parking garage on the landfill property. 
  • B&S scope:  clearing, earthwork, erosion and sediment controls, drilling, wet utilities, site concrete, asphalt paving, retaining wall installation.
  • Cap and closure of existing landfill to include: erosion and sediment controls, earthwork/grading, wet utilities, cap and close existing utilities, parking areas (gravel and asphalt)

Data Center Campus Project, Manassas, VA – Prince William County  

  • Project consists of the demolition of existing brick factory and the subsequent construction of a 2 building data center campus
  • B&S Scope: support demo (utilities cap/remove, asphalt and concrete removal), survey/stake-out, erosion and sediment controls, clearing/grubbing, earthwork/excavation, drilling/mass and trench blasting, retaining wall installation, site concrete, asphalt paving, logistics areas (access roads, trailer parking, crane roads) 
  • Project highlights: Coordinate with and support of demolition contractor in order to expedite the demolition activity and transition into building the pads and installing the utilities in as short a timeframe as possible. Utilization of existing onsite materials to build the site (including blasting and crushing rock) ; 5,000 LF of wet utility pipe installed. 

Greenfield Data Center Campus Project, Gainesville, VA – Prince William County   

  • The project consists of the phased construction of 5 data center buildings, electrical sub-station,  sanitary pump station and retaining wall installation on an 80+ acre parcel. Phase 1 to include construction of 1 building and the substation. 
  • Phase 1 Scope to include:  Clearing, Earthwork , E&S, Drilling/Mass and Trench Blasting, Wet Utilities, Retaining Wall Installation, Site Concrete, Survey/Stake-out, Site Fencing, Asphalt Paving, Striping/Signage, logistics/staging areas, crane roads
  • Phase 1 Project highlights: 225,000 CY of cut-to-fill ; 175,000 CY of import of structural fill ; unclassified rock blasting/drilling/removal and removal and replacement of unsuitable fill in structural areas ; 20,000+ feet of wet utility pipe installed ; VDOT turn-lane installation ; boring under major roadway to connect utilities to existing tie-in location ;  large, multi-piece pre-cast conspan installed ; 10,000 LF of curb/gutter

Data Center Campus Project,  Boydton, VA  - Mecklenburg County 

  • Project consists of sitework for the addition of 1 data center building  to an existing campus
  • B&S Scope: erosion and sediment control, demo of existing utilities and site concrete, earthwork/excavation/grading, wet utilities, site concrete, asphalt paving/stone installation, striping/signage, site logistics and crane road installation, 
  • Project highlights: unclassified excavation, offsite borrow of 50,000 CY structural fill, 30,000 LF of wet utility pipe installed

Data Center Campus Project, Herndon, VA - Fairfax County

  • Project consists of the demolition of an existing building and the new construction of 4 data centers and a substation on a 57 Acre Parcel
  • B&S scope: Demo of existing utilities/asphalt/site concrete, clear/grub, erosion and sediment control, earthwork/excavation/grading, drilling/mass and trench blasting, wet utilities, big block retaining wall, logistics areas (crane roads, trailer parking, laydown areas, etc…), 
  • Project highlights:  import of over 500,000 CY of structural fill, installation of over 30,000 LF of wet utility pipe (to include 72”, 60” and 54” RCP storm pipe) 

Data Center Campus Project, Chantilly, VA – Fairfax County

  • Project consists of a 100 acre secure data center development site consisting of (2) 2-story 275,000 SF data center buildings, (2) 1-story 230,000 SF data center buildings, and (3) 1-story data storage buildings along with supporting drive aisles and wet and dry utilities.  A portion of the property is subdivided for a future electrical substation.  
  • B&S scope:  demolition of existing utilities, concrete wall and fence, erosion and sediment control, installation of BMP facilities, demolition of existing utilities and site concrete,  clear/grub, earthwork/unclassified excavation/grading, drilling/mass and trench blasting, rock crushing for use in fills, undercut and replacement of unsuitable soils, wet utilities, site concrete, asphalt paving, striping and signage, site logistics and crane roads
  • Project highlights:  250,000 CY of cut to fill ; 50,000 CY offsite borrow to fill ;  30,000LF of wet utility pipe installed ; VDOT road improvements

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